Posted by: judywallace | June 12, 2011

Circles Moving in Me

How are these circles moving in me?

Following 3 women’s circles preceding the Mini Women Moving the Edge in June 2011, I felt an urge to write about my own place and growth in this process. I am ever more embodied and finding true ground in every way.  All as the subtle is ever more present.  So I ask – how are these circles moving in me?   What is evolving in me?  And taking another step back, how are we hosting with the subtle worlds?  (This latter question will call in more writing)

Morning shadows light the path

The following is from my morning journal on June 11, 2011.  My writing, my sensing happens very slowly, almost like sensing into each word – and sometimes there are no words.  I invite you to read, to absorb, and to take in from that very slowed down place of presence in you.  And even to see and sense beyond the words.

My sense is of being an instrument of the future unfolding, of playing my notes/chords to call in harmonic synchronization.  Everything becomes less and less personal, slowly taking one step at a time.  Moving into the impersonal, the fleetingly impermanent, the seemingly impermeable; and yet as each new horizon appears, I permeate, and am permeated, interpenetrated.  As an embodied human presence born of and into an older system, the resonance of the new plays in me seeking the way along the frontiers of evolution.

As I co-host these circles, as I (and we) call humans into wholeness of presence, in some mysterious and subtle way, we recognize and find one another.  Through the melody of conversation, we begin to harmonize our song.  As we witness one another in radiance, as our embodied words (like tones) find union in synthesis, we glimpse the best in us.  We see the future potential of humans learning to co-imagine and co-create with the subtle; we experience this as a presence in our midst.

As I (and we) call circles, held in the sacred, other presences/beings are attracted and come to see and listen.  “Is it time for us now, they wonder.  Are these humans, in their inquiry, calling us to be here?  We have hoped, waited patiently for this.  Let us make our presence known.”  (And subtly, gently they do)

As a human, now one of many, hosting in varying contexts, opening sacred space in circle, this goes far beyond the personal.  My experience is that evolution is freeing itself in and through me.  As personality becomes the servant to soul, to planetary and cosmic impulse and intention, the impersonal becomes the outward manifestation of the personal.  Convergence into oneness – as evolution, seeking ground in this realm, finds its freedom and unique balance in and through me.

Clarity in the context of haze

These circles are witness.  They mirror this potential in me and each woman present.  Something greater than we is moving in our presence.  It is soft, often wisp and elusive, and yet very solid (aligned) and alive.  Fierce gentleness, gentle fierceness is finding its way. We are not always sure why, but know we must be here.  We are here!  NOW!

Later as I was going back to some readings on geomancy, I began to understand something more about this embodied experience of the subtle.  I see that sensing into the subtle, sensing each word as it comes, I begin to feel the timeless space of fullness and resonance vibrating in me, in these very delicate slowed down moments.  I am challenged and yet called to trust that my experience is one beyond this time and space dimension, or at least a taste of it. We, as humans, are learning to move into the multi-dimensional; beyond, and yet just beside, the space/time home we now know as life here on Earth.

In these circles we open a space for this future potential.  We have an embodied experience outside of time and space (place), and yet we are all very present here.  It is holding this contradiction that opens the new frontier – to collaborate and participate with the subtle – to reach new clarity in right timing and right place to generate the new.   

I note – the question for the Mini Women Moving the Edge on June 21, 22 is present with me here –

How do we learn more about the embodied experience of the subtle – to reach (collective) clarity in right timing and right place in generating a new way of being?



  1. Great post Judy! Good clarity in your writing. I will share it with others through Facebook; I think many will recognise themselves in this.

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