Posted by: judywallace | June 19, 2010

Crone’s Power – cycles of life and death

The Crone’s Wisdom and Power.  The Feminine in human form holding the greater Cycles of Virgin, Mother and Crone.

And so we are born, live, and die, again and again.  The Crone seems to be the one whose wisdom and presence invites us to pass through the gateway into the unknown, the netherworld, the soul’s wandering journey into the mystery, only to be reborn again in human form.  Rather than seeing this life stage and passage in the cosmic potential it holds, this is the stage we most want to ignore.  It is the elder woman, nearly invisible, her physical beauty and fecundity having passed.  We often shun her even as we don’t acknowledge this archetype in each of us.  We seem to be at our smallest and least enlightened as this fear and unknowing closes the door to her hidden light.  Her beauty is now an expanded inner being and knowing, a fullness of the becoming.  In ancient myth and story she is the priestess for death, the one who can hold and guide us into this natural life transition.

Within this larger cycle we find the birth and death passages, the waxing and waning of life, the creative matrix of the feminine as she ages into her destroyer role.  The latter, it seems, we have not yet, as humans, learned to be present to.  We try to avoid this cyclical and essential phase of letting go, of even willing the passage, of destroying the human form, so that the new can be born.  And it is this that is before us now, on all levels of living and dying on our planet.

In February of this year, 2010, I visited Egypt with 13 elder women, a bevy of crones, moving up the Nile.   Our morning in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, a portal into the cosmic realms, brought for me this sense of  repatterning and destruction.  Among many messages received, one was that the Angels of Destruction invite our participation.  So it was likely no accident that a group of crones were called to be there.

At this time on our planet, it seems to me, that for the new paradigm to begin its infusion process and presence here, the old must be let go, and potentially even actively destroyed.  We see that nearly every large system, from health care, to religious structures, to government, to corporate profit business models – these systems are failing to cope with increased levels of complexity and unpredictability.  They are in crisis. There is something greater at work and, as humans, we are still hoping that somehow our social and political structures will rescue us.   Bankruptcy and corruption are increasingly causing breakdowns and systemic paralysis from local to global.  For the birthing of new ways of being humans together, the old ways must be let go.  We must cease to energize the old patterns, the old systems. This is asking us to journey into the vast chasm of the unknown.

A very large cycle seems to be ending.  Can we be the ones to hold this, to hospice this, to bury it, to activate the new?  As elder women, even if not acknowledged or held in high esteem, will we crones take our priestess roles to make sacred this transition?  Will we invite the old to die, to honor the passing, to make way for the new that we can only glimpse.  Can we trust our role in this process, even as we may not live to see what is birthing in and through us?  This is our wisdom and power, even magic.  This is our planetary service in this transition time.  We must step into this now.


  1. Oh, I’m so happy you’re blogging again, dear sister! This is beautiful and so right. The crones are so absent on the world scene, where all is youth and beauty or the patriarchal uniform of grey power in pinstriped suits and scarlet ties.

    Strangely, the older I get (and, incidentally, the more deeply happy), the more I am acknowledged and welcomed, provided I am comfortable with my power and concerned only with the good of the whole.

    Let us, indeed, step into the open. Laid back, laughing, and uncompromisingly speaking our truth.

  2. I’m thinking back of a systemic constellation where it was the grandmothers who brought the Wounded King – the one who seemed to have all in control – out of his rigidity and back into flexibility.
    ‘The System’, another element in the constellation said afterwards that it was the Grandmothers that he eventually would listen to; and trust!

  3. […] It seems that much of what woman’s work consists of is sensing what is going on beneath the surface. So much lies just beyond what we can see. Again and again, here, intention is key. The crone holds the life of the community in her awareness, sensing and hosting life’s great transmissions on behalf of both individuals and the collective – what if, together, we can play that role for the transition of our civilisation now? Judy has just blogged about that here. […]

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